5 Reasons Gratitude Is A Good Gateway To Release Stress

Some people shout at the top of their lungs. Some people hide in a corner of a room. Some take up kick-boxing classes. And some even beat themselves up to release stress.

Sometimes the tension growing below the throat is too much to bear. And we just let it out in whatever way we can just to provide a little relief to the tension we are feeling.

Yet some of the best way to release stress are intangible methods that have no physical form.

One of which is harnessing gratitude.

You might be thinking “What the hell does gratitude has to do with stress management? Do you think my anxiety is a joke?”.

Well where are some great reasons why having gratitude can often be a better tool than a stress ball.

1) Alienate stress

It’s not easy for the brain to feel 2 powerful feelings at the same time.

Putting a focus on gratitude can help distract and detach yourself from stress. Turning the tables on negative energy within you.

While this sounds easier said than done, you will  find it effortless to ignore stress with more practice.

2) Improved self-image

When you express gratitude, you are being thankful for the actions that others have done for you.

You can even be thankful for something as basic as having clean water from the taps. There are many countries around the globe that don’t have this luxury.

How can you not be thankful for these daily amenities?

By having gratitude, you are enhancing your own self-image. The way you see yourself.

The more you like yourself, the less stress will surround you.

3) Giving and taking

Have you ever been frustrated by people who only know how to take, but never gives anything back in return?

Gratitude is a form of giving back.

And for some reasons, giving creates a much more positive mood than taking.

4) Perspectives

In order to express gratitude, one needs to be able to see things from more than just one perspective.

So this also trains you mind to look at the bigger picture or circumstances in other angles other than your default.

Since stress can be caused by an inability to empathize, training yourself to see things from different perspectives can greatly alleviate stress and anxiety.

5) Building relationships

One day, you might realize that it is not about the number of friends you have to makes your social life valuable. It’s about the quality of relationships that makes all the difference.

There little point in having 500 friends on Facebook who you rarely (if ever) interact with.

Gratitude is one of those things that can really enhance your relationship with a friend or family member.

How would you feel if a friend thanks you from the bottom of her heart for something nice you did for her?

Put your ego aside

Too often in life, we feel gratitude towards others. Yet don’t find it within ourselves to express it properly, if at all.

Some of the reasons for this odd behavior are:

  • Fearing an awkward moment
  • Does not match up with the self-image you see yourself
  • Does not match up with the persona you put up when with friends
  • Fearing you might give away your power in social dynamics
  • Being afraid to look vulnerable
  • Being afraid that it might present a lack of masculinity

The biggest culprit of all is the ego. Maybe it’s time to put that aside? You are an adult after all.

With the technology available today, it is so easy to send a message to someone else. So there should be no excuse at all for not expressing gratitude towards something.

Go ahead and say thank. It doesn’t have to wait.