5 Ways To Distance Yourself From Worries

Sometimes whatever we do and whatever positive mindset we have cultivated in our mind, there is still no escape from our worries.

We can never totally annihilate worries from our minds. Even the cookie jar down to it’s last 5 pieces can leave some of us in a tight fix.

Well… at least when we are unable to blast worries into thin air, at least there are some things we can do to distance ourselves and escape it.

1) Distraction

The brain is not programmed to focus on 2 things at the same time. It just cannot work that way unless you are a genetic genius.

This means that by distracting yourself with something else, your mind will inevitably wander off from your worries.

The distraction will be even more powerful if it requires you to engage with it physically.

When we are physically involved with an activity, the mind needs to call on it’s survival and safety instincts to keep you safe. This further dissipates the worries clinging onto your head.

Try watching your favorite TV shows, playing computer games, reading a book, housekeeping, etc.

2) Exercise

When your body is trying to cope with the punishment you are delivering through exercise, it has little time (if any at all) to think about anything else.

Not only does exercise keep you away from harboring negative thoughts, It enhances your overall body health as well.

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Gym
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • etc

After exercise, your body would also release a hormone called endorphins. This is a substance that helps reduce stress.

3) Confide

A lot of times when we have problems on the mind the size of Godzilla, what we really just need is a listening ear.

Not just any ear, mind you. The ears of people close to you is what you want.

The therapeutic effects of being heard feeds a psychological need to be understood.

You might think that your problems are unsolvable or that you already have the answers to your problems.

Yet just talking about it with someone you trust can give you a clearer mind and make you feel better. You might even find a better solution suggested by the listener!

4) Humor

You probably don’t need reminding about how big or small your issues are.

So why not make a joke out of it?

Gather your funniest friends and tell them how ridiculous and stupid your worries are. This sets the tone for the comedy to come in.

Before you know it, your friends have come up with 10 angles on how funny your situation is. And you could be laughing yourself silly from them.

Friends are the best at making things seem simple. Make use of them.

5) Relax

When we feel tension physically on the body and mentally in the mind, our worries seem to magnify.

You might actually have a simple situation that did not turn well. Yet your body and mental condition just made you think about it in it’s most adverse way.

Get a massage, visit the spa, listen to some calming music, get some sleep. Try some breathing exercises if you can.