The Costs Of Suffering From Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety is an awful feeling. Most people will have had the experience of at least a personal incident or 2. That is small change compared to those who gets into that state on a regular basis.

And for many sufferers, there is a belief that it is a condition that they can never alleviate in their lifetime.

That is actually not 100% true. Getting rid of anxiety attacks 100% of the time can be a stretch. But you can definitely subdue it to a significant extent.

If you have never convinced yourself that a problem is not serious enough to take action on correcting, maybe running the costs of not managing anxiety will convince you.

It will be tough to put a cost on anxiety since it is an intangible state that is hard to quantify. But calculating a cost will not be so far fetched if we are to measure it against intangible terms.

A physical toll on your body

You might have already realized that stressing yourself out is more of a mental state. And because your mind don’t suffer common diseases like influenza or injuries like a sprain, it’s really a negligible condition.

But surely you must know that the brain is in control of all parts of your body?

High blood pressure, tensed muscles, migraines, gastrointestinal symptoms, etc, can all affect your body. So it’s actually not just an intangible condition.

The more your stress your brain, and in the case of anxiety disorder, put it into overdrive, you could be walking a tight rope.

Family well-being

Given a choice, a spouse will most probably choose to have a partner who won’t break down or freak out at the slightest events.

Relationships can really suffer when one party cannot understand and accept that there is such a thing as anxiety disorder.

Refusing to seek treatment can be perceived by your partner as a selfish act as you don’t put the welfare of the family into consideration.

Hey. Just because you have a condition doesn’t mean that you can get away with all sorts of nonsense that your spouse has to attend to.

What’s worst, your children might pick up on your behavior and habits. It’s like setting the seeds for them to be receptive of being anxious instead of suppressing it as they grow up.

Becoming obese

Stress, especially a huge amount of it, causes cortisol to to increase.

Maybe that’s why many people use stress as an excuse to gulp down a WHOLE tub of ice-cream…

Cortisol is a stress hormone that encourages fat to collect at the abdominal area. Making you fat and therefore increases the risks of stroke and heart diseases.

You are just giving cortisol more life by not managing your stress levels.

Extra medical bills

Anxious people tend to spend a lot of time stressed out about their health.

It’s nothing to laugh about.

This translates to more frequent visits to Doctors who charge exuberant consultation fees, more expenses to medication to help you relax, and more hourly sessions with the well-paid therapist who drives an expensive continental car.

You are just making everyone else rich at your expense.

It must be a pleasure serving you…

Your work will suffer

You would have to admit that you will have a lesser chance to excel at work if you are always nervous with what you do… unless your boss is a sadist who likes the amusement you give him…

Failing to curb your condition can result in:

  • lesser promotion opportunities
  • more days absent from work
  • little rapport with colleagues in the office
  • lesser capability in managing teams
  • decreased productivity
  • etc

For what it’s worth, there IS actually a cost to your anxiety. Both in tangible and intangible form. And I think most sufferers acknowledge the problems that come with their condition can be managed if they take action.

Don’t put off confronting the problem anymore. Being lazy or oblivious is not how an adult should handle problems. The fact that the people around you will suffer for inaction on your part should be motivation in itself.