5 Solutions To Feeling Stressed About Managing Stress

They might be a variety of reasons why you are feeling stressed.

It could be that you are not losing as much weight as you had expected after embarking on a disciplined exercise routine for 3 months. Maybe the clutter you find in the houseĀ  never seem to go away no matter how much time you spend packing up.

Or even worse… You are feeling stressed about managing the stress you are already suffering from…

It is inevitable that you will find yourself coming up against barriers to your goal. It is part and parcel of life in almost everything we do. You are not alone.

If you fail to get around these roadblocks or blast them into pieces, it could drastically slow down your progress. Or even put everything into a standstill.

Here are some methods you can apply to navigate around these obstacles to your success.

1) Baby steps

It is one of the oldest words of wisdom every published. It’s timeless and tenseless.

Whenever you are entering new ground, whether it is in business or personal growth, take a step at a time.

Baby steps.

For example, you can’t expect a teenager to jump into the driver’s seat and start driving like an F1 driver off the bat… without a license.

He needs to pass his theory tests, then his driving test, in order to qualify for a driving license. The whole process can take weeks, months, and even years.

You might have a written plan to follow in order to conquer stress, anxiety, or depression. But you cannot expect things to change with a snap of the fingers.

This is why obese individuals often find themselves unable to continue exercising and following strict diets – Because they are not seeing results fast enough!

Yet how fast can they expect to see visible results?

Spread out your stress management activities instead of doing all of them at one go just because to master them as as quickly as possible.

Don’t overload yourself at this point. And don’t expect results overnight.

Baby steps.

And practice makes perfect.

2) Give them a try

You might not believe in the exercises that would supposedly help you manage stress. You might even find them laughable.

But since you have gotten this far, why not just give them a spin and see where it goes?

Patients who suffer horrific accidents with fractured arms and legs often find physiotherapy a chore and even embarrassing sometimes.

Yet they know that with every session they go through, they are a stage closer to regaining full health. This is why even though these sessions are tough both physically, mentally, and emotionally, patients continue to attend such sessions.

You should embrace the same approach.

Give relaxation and stress management techniques a chance. And before you know it, you might find yourself addicted to them.

I used to find exercising such a hassle and an annoying activity. But after forcing myself to workout frequently, I love it so much now. So much so that I always look forward to my next exercise sessions.

Really. You won’t know what kind of impact you could feel if you don’t give them a try.

3) If something’s not working, give something else a try

There are many different treatments meant to treat similar conditions. And the same can be said about managing stress.

Acne treatment for example is one complex monster in itself.

Kids, teenagers, and adults often go through life trying out countless different treatments in the search for one that works on them.

  • Medication
  • Skin care products
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL)
  • Chemical peel
  • Traditional chinese medicine (TCM)
  • etc

The attitude is to never give up. There is a solution for you, or even a cure. As long as you don’t give up, you would eventually find what you are looking for. Giving up would ensure that you don’t.

4) Get a conducive place

It goes without saying that no amount of relaxation techniques is going to calm you down when you are practicing them in a noisy environment like your work desk.

Locate a nice quiet area and make that your area of tranquility. Make that two. One at home and one at the office.

5) Find a buddy

Very often, magic happens when you enlist a buddy to accompany you on life-changing events.

For example, if you are trying to lose those pounds around your belly, a workout buddy can help motivate you to be more vigorous and disciplined with your workouts. He or she can also hold you accountable.

If you can find friend or family member to be your buddy, you could achieve positive results faster that you think.

Sometimes, we find it perfectly find to see ourselves as failures. But we just cannot accept letting out friends see us as such. This is why buddies can sometimes be a very powerful force of motivation.