Monthly Archives: June 2017

5 Ways To Distance Yourself From Worries

Sometimes whatever we do and whatever positive mindset we have cultivated in our mind, there is still no escape from our worries.

We can never totally annihilate worries from our minds. Even the cookie jar down to it’s last 5 pieces can leave some of us in a tight fix.

Well… at least when we are unable to blast worries into thin air, at least there are some things we can do to distance ourselves and escape it. read more

4 Tips To Use Humor And Laugh Away Stress

There is a lot of truth in the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”. This is even more so when the condition you are trying to cure is related to mentality.

You are never going to be happy when you take life too seriously. That can only guarantee a spike in your stress levels.

There always a side of humor to even the most serious subjects and situations. And when you are able to pivot mindfully to see the funny side of things, the toughness of life can be that little more bearable. read more

The Pros And Cons Of Anger

Anger is often associated with negative connotations. Yet is it not all bad.

Some of the most successful people I’ve personally met have little to no reservations to unleashing their anger. The is management and how to harness the power of it.

Everybody experience a bout of anger every once in a while. And many feel embarrassed and even ashamed whenever they display it. read more