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7 Tactics To Overcome Emotional Eating

A lot of people don’t realize that emotional eating is directly related to stress. But if we put it this way, most emotional eaters are probably not aware that they have a problem in the first place.

Emotional eaters tend to eat whenever they feel upset, anxious, nervous, and basically… stressed.

While it is totally possible for someone to feel positive feelings like being happy and delighted when eating, that condition is more affectionately referred to as a binge. It’s still a form of emotional eating. But it’s positive connections make it a lesser problem than it’s negativity-inclined cousin. read more

How Mindfulness Can Play A Role In Stress Management

Despite having felt stress for as long as I can remember, stress management as a field of study, is still a relatively new concept.

It was not so long ago that people were too busy with work and enjoying life to think about stress management. And having mind therapy is perceived as something only those with mental problems will go through.

In the past, having anxiety or stress that is bad enough to require professional attention can create the impression that one is down with mental problems… crazy. read more