Monthly Archives: October 2016

5 Reasons Gratitude Is A Good Gateway To Release Stress

Some people shout at the top of their lungs. Some people hide in a corner of a room. Some take up kick-boxing classes. And some even beat themselves up to release stress.

Sometimes the tension growing below the throat is too much to bear. And we just let it out in whatever way we can just to provide a little relief to the tension we are feeling.

Yet some of the best way to release stress are intangible methods that have no physical form. read more

9 Tips To Developing A Better Sleep Routine

I recently came across a product that supposedly helps people wake up from sleep. The investors claimed that waking up properly is one of the biggest problems the average person faces each day.

I don’t know the research and facts behind that claim.

But if there is a problem that people face in general concerning sleep, it is about going to sleep. Not waking up from it. read more