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5 Areas That Stress Can Make You Sick

A huge number of visitors to physicians suffer from conditions and complaints that are, directly or indirectly, associated with stress to some degree.

While this can be jaw-dropping information to the average person, it is not so to health professionals who consult patients on a daily basis.

Stress can cause noticeable physiological effects and changes to the human body. read more

10 Ways To Keep Holiday Stress At Bay

You look forward to the holidays every year. You are going to enjoy taking time off from work, and making wonderful memories with friends, family and loved ones. At least, that’s the plan. Unfortunately, as you are probably well too aware, the holiday season can be full of stress, anxiety and other negative emotions.

This is because people get caught up in the holiday process. They worry that their decorations and clothing must be perfect. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners absolutely must be the best ever, each piece of food or dessert flavorful, delicious and mistake-free. There are cards to mail, gifts to buy, vacations to plan and children to ferry about here and there. All of these considerations can lead to anything but an enjoyable holiday season.

If you want this holiday season to be panic attack-free, there are a few things you can do to remove stress from the holidays. The following 10 ideas promise a peaceful, stress-free good time during your next holiday celebration. read more