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7 Symptoms That Could Mean You Have Anxiety Disorder

Maybe your heart was beating so fast that you could feel it in the afternoon when someone cut into your queue. Maybe you were suddenly asked a question in a meeting room and found that your palms were dripping with sweat. Maybe more and more of your friends are telling you that you worry too much over trivial stuff.

Whatever the case, you suspect that your anxiety is not just a flash in the pan. You actually think that every little thing that seem odd whether it’s your behavior or your body is the result of something more sinister.

It could be a medical condition… maybe you have anxiety disorder. read more

The Costs Of Suffering From Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety is an awful feeling. Most people will have had the experience of at least a personal incident or 2. That is small change compared to those who gets into that state on a regular basis.

And for many sufferers, there is a belief that it is a condition that they can never alleviate in their lifetime.

That is actually not 100% true. Getting rid of anxiety attacks 100% of the time can be a stretch. But you can definitely subdue it to a significant extent. read more