10 Ways To Keep Holiday Stress At Bay

You look forward to the holidays every year. You are going to enjoy taking time off from work, and making wonderful memories with friends, family and loved ones. At least, that's the plan. Unfortunately, as you are probably well too aware, the holiday season can be full of stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. This is because people get caught up in the holiday process. They worry that their decorations and clothing must be perfect. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners absolutely must be Read more [...]

Mini Breaks Can Have A Profound Effect On Your Stress Levels

The environment, whether you are studying in school, operating in a production line, or typing away at an office workstation, can have a profound effect on your stress levels. This problem should not have a huge impact on out mental state... if we are prepared for it. The problem compounds because people often leave themselves open to such "attacks" from the surroundings. It is like looking right into the sun in sunglasses that don't offer UV protection. You look right into the brightness thinking Read more [...]

14 Signs That You Might Be Depressed

Sometimes you know when you are depressed. You feel down and glum, and you may even express to a friend that you are "singing the blues". At other times you may experience symptoms which are caused by depression, but that lead you to believe you are suffering from some other mental or physical condition. You misdiagnose what is causing the problem, so the condition persists. In other words, the classic depression symptoms are not the only signs that you might be feeling down in the dumps. We all Read more [...]

Simple Ways To Stop Letting Technology Irritate You

Whether you admit it or not, every time your phone rings, or you get an email notification, or you get an alert for instant message, it's a signal that triggers extra attention from your brain. It doesn't matter if you were looking forward to the call or text message. You need extra mental processing power to take in what is happening. That extra mental energy you use will not improve your well-being especially when you have an issue with anxiety and stress. And in more ways than one, it is Read more [...]

4 Things You Consume That Makes Anxiety Worse

The phrase "You are what you eat" probably makes sense to most people. After all, how hard is it to comprehend that someone who loads up on fast food 3 meals a day is overweight? And if you suffer from anxiety attacks, the food you consume could be one of the causes that is making things worst. I'm not saying that it is the root of the problem that will eventually lead to anxiety disorder. But regularly putting the following substances into your body is not going to make your condition any Read more [...]

7 Symptoms That Could Mean You Have Anxiety Disorder

Maybe your heart was beating so fast that you could feel it in the afternoon when someone cut into your queue. Maybe you were suddenly asked a question in a meeting room and found that your palms were dripping with sweat. Maybe more and more of your friends are telling you that you worry too much over trivial stuff. Whatever the case, you suspect that your anxiety is not just a flash in the pan. You actually think that every little thing that seem odd whether it's your behavior or your body is Read more [...]

The Costs Of Suffering From Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety is an awful feeling. Most people will have had the experience of at least a personal incident or 2. That is small change compared to those who gets into that state on a regular basis. And for many sufferers, there is a belief that it is a condition that they can never alleviate in their lifetime. That is actually not 100% true. Getting rid of anxiety attacks 100% of the time can be a stretch. But you can definitely subdue it to a significant extent. If you have never Read more [...]